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The Firm was initially established in 1988, in Austin, Texas. We have experienced stable growth over the years and presently have five attorneys (two of which are of-counsel). The Firm has developed specialized experience in representing individuals, physicians, small businesses as well as major corporations and insurance companies.

Our goal is to provide high quality legal services in a professional and cost efficient manner. We seek to achieve quick, favorable results with a high degree of integrity. We understand that with legal ability, dedication, and resources, a small firm can offer the same quality of service generally considered available only from larger firms.

Realizing the importance of being able to address a broad range of client needs, the Firm has developed relationships and a cooperative working agreement with various large Austin law firms. The Firm entered into these formal relationships with larger firms in order to combine resources and create mutual support systems, which enable our office to provide broad legal expertise and depth for our clients.

These affiliations provide at least three essential features for our clients:

  • An agreement to work jointly on an engagement with the approval of the client.
  • Back-up support should client needs demand additional manpower or expertise.
  • An opportunity to simply consult with other attorneys on legal matters.

The Firm has two active of-counsel attorneys, Andr√© Hampton, and Devethia Nichols-Thompson. 

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